GCG Commitment

The Company acknowledges that the rules in the GCG principles are established to balance out the interests of the Company and the stakeholders. GCG Implementation that is line with the prevailing rules is an effective solution for a number of parties. In doing so, The Company's management is expected to become moer professional and civilized, as well as be able o prevent The Company from performing harmful actions. In order to meet such purposes, The Company must realize its commitment to implement GCG in its environment. The Commitment to implement GCG is not only to comply with the prevailing regulations, but also with the realization of the importance of GCG in establishing the integrity for a healty and sustainable business. The Company is committed to continuously implementing GCG. This commitment is supported by : • Clear vision, mission and core values of The Company, which is regulary evaluated by The Board of Commissioners and The Board of Directors • GCG Guidelines of The Company • Guidelines and working regulation of The Board Commissioners, The Board of Directors, and Committees • Code of Conduct Enforcement, to be consistently implemented and intensively pratice • Strong internal control system • Proporionate check and balance mechanism implementation • Guidelines on transaction containing conflict of interest, affiliate transaction and transaction with other related praties • Implementation or whistleblowing system • Sustainable corporate social responsibility program

Assessment On GCG Implementation Assessment Implementation Procedure The Measurement on the effectiveness of GCG Implementation is highly important for all companies, including Waskita, in order to maintain and improve governance implementation continuously. The Company periodically performs assessment through independent consultant or an assessment team appointed from The Company's internal division (selfassessment). Both teams are appointed and thus have an authority to ensure the independency of assessment process. The assessment is performed using spesific method to identify and investigate any weakness that requires follow-up. The juridical basis and procedure of GCG assessment in The Company refer to The State Minister of SOE Regulation Number PER-09/MBU/2012 on The Amendment of State Minister of SOE Regulation Number PER-01/MBU/2011 on The Implementation of Corporate Good Governance in State-Owned Enterprises.