IT Governance

The development of Information Technology (IT) is growing very fast now, Previously, Information Technology (IT) was just as support within a company. Now Information Technology (IT) is more directed to be an enabler towards improving the performance of an organization. Currently, the role of Information Technology is considered significant and strategic in supporting business success and company competitiveness. It then raises awareness, especially in the industrial world, that the Responsibility of IT management cannot be fully delegated to a unit/section that only specifically handles IT technically (IT Function) as is the case with conventional management approaches. It should also be the responsibility of the various management parties within an organization.

Waskita management is aware of the need for good IT management to applicate the information technology to meet the principles of accountability and transparency. Information Technology Governance is a commitment to awareness and management control process for IT resources/information systems where the Scope doesn't only include computer resources (software, hardware, databases) but also includes data communication system and network management. /Internet.

This responsibility is realized by management through the issuance of policies, processes, and procedures that support IT management so that the results are in line with the word information technology management which consists of:
• The following are Waskita's Procedures in the field of Information Technology (PW-TI):

√ IT Master Plan Preparation Procedure
√ Information Security Procedures
√ IT Service Procedure
√ System Development and Maintenance Procedures

• Implementation of the Minister of SOE Regulation No. 02/MBU/2013 regarding Guidelines for the Preparation of Information Technology Management;
√ Interaction Charter between the Parent and Subsidiaries.
√ Adoption of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.
√ Information System Audit
√ And various best practices in Information Technology Governance