Duties and Responsibilities

PPID Superiors PPID Implementing I and II

SVP Corporate Secretary

  • Supervision and evaluation of PPID's performance.
  • Resolve problems related to public information management & services.
  • To ensure the management of Service and public information runs by the applicable regulations.
  • Policymakers with the approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Reporting information service activities to the Board of Directors and the Information Commission.



Manager Public Relations and Archives Management Manager

  • Coordination of the collection of all public information from each work unit.
  • Coordination of data collection of controlled public information.
  • Provision and service of public information.
  • Refuse a written request for information if the requested information is exempt.
  • Conduct a consequence test.
  • Ensure filing of objections according to procedures.


PPID Implementing I and II Pelaksana I dan II


  • Assist PPID in storing, classifying, & providing information.
  • Assist PPID in making periodic reports.
  • Manage the registration book for requests for information and objections.
  • Providing services to requests for information.
  • Deal directly with the requester for information (if needed).
  • Administration of information services.
  • Updating public information lists.