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A. Whistleblowing System
Mechanism of Whistleblowing
The Company provides whistleblowing system through Decision Letter of The Board of Directors Number: 34/SK/WK/2017 dated december 11, 2017 on Guidelines of Whistleblowing System of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk.
The system aims to early detect fraud. Through this system, The Company prevents fraud by through supervision which includes the participation of all employees. This will create sense of security among all parties interacting with the company.
Mechanism of Reporting and Whistleblowing
Any indication of violation to code or other ethics shall be reported to The Human Capital and System Department. The Company will follow-up the report of which cases, such as fraud, manipulation, etc, can bring out material loss and dampen The Company's image. Reports on compaints and violation is followed-up through the mechanism below :
• The reporter knowing of the fraud, deviation or violation committed by the internal personnel shall make report or directly report to The Corporate Secretary. The report should be submitted in detail, along with data and other relevant proof.
• The Corporate Secretary receives and exemines report on the violation to determine if the case can be processed into futher action.
• The Series A shareholders, The Board of Commissioners or The Board of Directors who has received the report shall perform examination or investigation through its own instrument to prove the truth of the report.
• Investigation by the supervisor of internal audit, meaning that The Internal Audit and Audit Committee.
• The Series A shareholders, The Board of Commissioners or The Board of Diretors imposes sanction to the reported and/or gives reward to the reporter.
• The Series A shareholders, The Board of Commissioners or The Board of Directors shall submit the report to the Corporate Secretary on the follow-up of the whistleblowing report.
Protection for Whistleblower
Reporting the violation shall be based on good intention and not personal complaint or evil will such as blasphemy. The whistleblower shall state clear indentity on the given report along with the supporting proof. The person receiving the report shall protect the confindentiality of the reporter as part of The Company's effort to protect the reporter. The Company shall follow-up every report receiverd according to the procedure and the applicable mechanism. The Company will provide legal protection as stipulated in the applicable regulations.
Protection/Sanction of The Report
The reporter whose report is proven right and results in the return of money/asset of The Company, appreciation or reward by the management. On the other hand, if the report is proven wrong and not more than the act of a blasphemy to the reported.
Whistleblowing Management
The whistleblowing system is governed in strict mechanism managed profesionally by Corporate Secretary to early detect fraud.
Whistleblowing Media
To report acts of violation, one can reach personnel of whistleblowing management :
Company Secretary
Jl. MT Haryono Kav. No. 10 Cawang Jakarta Timur
Telp. 021-8508510
Fax. 021-8508506
Total Complaints and Follow-up in 2018
There has been no complaint made during 2018 regarding violation of regulations in The Company.
Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and evaluation are continuously conducted on the effectiveness of the whistleblowing facilities to be further developed in the future. Through such monitoring and evalution, The Company is optomistic to its ability in keeping and responding to the complaints from the stakeholders in a quick, responsive and accurate way. The aims to minimize and prevent the risk to tarnishing The Company's image and further improves the society's trust in The Company.
B. Gratification Policy
Definition and Background
As a guidance on gratification control for Waskita personnel, The Company issued guidelines on gratification control with the latest edition dated August 31, 2017
Gratification is any act of giving or receiving gift/souvenir or entertainment from anybody, both inside and outside the country, who works at The Company, which is given for purpose related to their authority or position at The Company. Gratification is about giving or receiving any thing that may arise conflict or interest and compromise independency, objectivity or professionalism of the individual.
The Company is aware that performing business activities includes building relation and interaction amin parties, both internal and external, for the purpose of cementing harmonious and continuous relation and cooperation. Yet, with such cooperation, the posibility of gratification acts from one party to another cannot be avoided. Therefore, The Company sets regulation on matters related to gratification and the procedure to report it in order to maintain good business relation with all stakeholders.
The Company also draws up guidelines on the gratification management to create accountable anc transparent business management.
Sanction on Violation
Sanction will be imposed on any validation to provisions stipulated in the guidelines on gratification management according to the applicable rules in The Company.
Gratification is generally defined as a granting of money, gift, discount, commision, loan without interest, trip ticket, stay facility, touring, free medication, and other facilities. In addiction, ratification can also be in the form of the giving of something from the employees to other parties or accepting something by The Company's employees to other parties.
The Company has stict policy on gratification activities on doing such matter or accepting gratification for any reasons. Regulation on The Gratification is stated in Law No. 20 of 2001 concering Amendments to Law No. 31 of 1999 on Eradication of Corruption Criminal Action and Circular Letter of Waskita No. 03/SE/WK/2014 on February 6 on Suggestion related to Gratification. In the regulation, it is strated that every employee of Waskita is prohibited to accept gratification in any other form. Every receipt of gratification considered as a bribery shall be reported to Corruption Erdication Commission (KPK) of RI.
In view of gratification receipt, throughout 2017, there were no gratification provisions to Official and Employee of The Company.