EPC Division


As one of our business initiatives in diversifying our construction services, we manage to expand our services in Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) sector that allows us to access the potential market. In Making our way to be the best player in the field, we are not only analyzing the business environment externally and internally but also create a robust strategy to achieve sustainable growth in EPC sector. Up to the present, we have mainly contributed in the development and construction of the power plant, oil & gas, mining, and manufacturing infrastructures.


Our engineering services are provided by developing the Basic Engineering Design (BED) into a detailed Engineering Design (DED) with assistance of our high-skilled engineers that come from various multidisciplinary in engineering field. (i.e. mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, architectural engineering, process engineering, instrumentation engineering, and piping engineering).


Our procurement services are managed by the Supply Chain Management (SCM) that digitally operated through our integrated digital system that is guided by Good Corporate Governance. This digital transformation has surely helped us to refine our procurement services that enables us to maintain our best quality services to our customers. We also always ensure that our entire procurement process of goods and services is in compliance with the applicable laws and regulation.


In providing our construction services, we are not only using that high-tech main equipment but also ensuring the adherence to the quality, health, safety and environment standard that is essential to the quality of our services, safety of our workers and also the environmental safety. We also consistently undertake the commissioning works prior to handling over the project that allows us to have a quality control over the performance of each process unit and operation of the infrastructure as a whole.

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