WSBP Pre-Fabricated Building Innovation Captures Residential Market

WSBP Pre-Fabricated Building Innovation Captures Residential Market

PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk. through its subsidiary, PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk. (WSBP) does not take it lightly by continuing to produce technological innovations as a form of commitment to the Technology & Digitalization pillar's Business Transformation Program. The company, which was founded in 2014, has again spawned technological innovation in the form of a modular system for prefabricated building products, a form of the company's support for government programs in the development of livable housing for the community.

"The development of modular system technology in prefabricated building products is intended for residential development, both landed houses and high rises," said Bambang Dwi Wijayanto, Director of Engineering & Development.

The building that uses this modular system uses a construction method by working on some components of the building outside the site (factory) and assembling them on site (erect).

“Easy to install like lego. Of course, this system can speed up construction time and make construction prices more competitive,” Bambang added. With this modular system, it is easier for people to own a house at an affordable price and with quality results.

The realization of this WSBP innovation was immediately implemented in the Savasa Housing Development Project located in Kota Deltamas, Central Cikarang. Through this project, WSBP further expands its external market in collaboration with the private company PT PanaHome Deltamas Indonesia. In this project which has been under construction since 2022, WSBP is carrying out construction work. "Work progress has reached 51.1% until the end of TW II/2022," he said. WSBP targets the work to be completed in Q3/2022.

He further stated that the market potential for prefabricated buildings is very promising. Prefabricated building products will be very useful in developing areas with wide coverage and short processing times, such as the development of the new National Capital City (IKN). In the future, WSBP is targeting a bigger market share for prefabricated building products. “WSBP will continue to strive to increase external market gain. This is in line with the Business Excellence pillar in the pillar business transformation strategy,” said Bambang.

This pre-fabricated building innovation was also created thanks to the encouragement of WSBP's achievement in winning the Best Building Material Producer with Green Innovation and Sustainability award from the 16th Annual Indonesia Property & Bank Award 2022, last February 2022. This is the highest award given to business people, especially the property industry, finance, building materials, and other related businesses, as a motivator for the real sector.

In this award, WSBP is considered successful in being one of the concrete manufacturing companies that can face challenges and maintain business continuity during the pandemic.

Bambang stated that this award is a form of appreciation for the company to continue to innovate and grow. "This is our motivation to continue and dare to create high-quality concrete product innovations that can meet market needs," he said.

"Hopefully, with the achievements that have been obtained by WSBP, it will be a motivation for us to continue to run the company following procedures and compliance with Good Corporate Governance," concluded Bambang.

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