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Wednesday, 26 October 2016 17:52
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 11:25

Expansion project of the National Library Service entered the final phase of construction of the building structure which is characterized by casting the roof (topping off) on Tuesday (19/07/2016). Topping off attended by the Chairman of the commission X Teuku Riefky Harsya, member of Commission X Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono, and Expert Staff of Innovation and Competitiveness Kemendikbud, Ir. Ananto Kusuma Seta, M.Sc. Ph.D.

Kemendikbud expert staff, Ananto Kusuma, in his speech said that the attention and concern of the Commission X on the construction of the National Library Building a strategic partnership mirrors the legislative and executive. Ananto revealed, the expansion of the national library service is part of a new movement that Indonesia smarter in the future. In three years ago, said Ananto, Indonesia ranks 60th of 62 countries in the context of literacy. "The existence of a national library service expansion today is momentum for us to turn things around, that the culture of literacy (reading culture) should be the yardstick of civilization of the Indonesian nation," said Ananto.

In the same occasion, the Chairman of the commission X Teuku Rifky Harsya expects that in addition to the complete collection of that library, the national library must also be managed by qualified human resources in the field. "The library occupies a strategic role in helping to educate the young generation. We are aware of in the year 2045 we'll get approximately 130 million workers, which if not managed properly, will become a burden to us all, "said Teuku.

The new national library building in Jalan Merdeka Selatan built with a height of 25 floors. A 25-storey high building spent more than Rp 465 billion through multi-year funding for three years. Built on an area of 50.445 square meters (m2) and a building area of 44.445 m2, the building was equipped with a basement parking space.

The concept of building design in the floor 25 of the results of the competition can be cooperation between the National Library with the Association of Indonesian Architects (IAI), which was held last November 2010.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 10:05

All 5 National Congress of Serikat Pekerja Waskita ( SPW ) - May  12 - 15 in Lembang , Bandung , succeeded in forming a new management SPW tenure of 2016 - 2018.  Ir . Munir Muslih was elected as SPW Chairman accompanied by Ir . Heru Suprayitno ( Vice Chairman I) , Eko Prasetyo , SH ( Vice Chairman II ) , and Elvi Novariza ( Secretary General ) . One of the important decisions Munas Lembang , is SPW proposed that employees WSKT extended active period, from the beginning up to the age of 56 years to 58 years.

Friday, 18 March 2016 10:51

Commissioner of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk, M. Hasan, along with the Risk and Insurance Committee visited Raknamo Dam Project in Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Wednesday (03/16/2016). Projects that do contract signing until 26 November 2014 to February 2016 has reached more than 41% progress.
These dams are built to meet the water needs of raw Capital District Kupang and its surroundings as well as meet the needs of irrigation for agricultural land, flood control downstream area which is an area of development capital city of Kupang, Tourism Development, as well as power generation Power Micro (micro power plants) 216.675 kW (1 unit ) ≈ 0216 MW (per unit).
Raknamo dam located on the river Noel Puames, Raknamo Village, District Amabi Oefeto, Kupang, NTT. Raknamo dam construction will be carried out within a period of 51 months (6 years budget) as from Fiscal Year 2014 through Fiscal Year 2019.

Friday, 04 March 2016 15:02

M. Choliq, who is also Director of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk, won the Men's Obsession Award in 2016 as Best Individual Achievers category of CEO's. This award is given by Obsession Media Group (OMG), a media focus explores the profile and reputation of the national figures, on Wednesday (03/02/2016), at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta.
The media is always showing the figure, obtained through in-depth interviews, in-depth observation, supported by strong data background. Determination of winners is also on research conducted Indonesia Research and Survey (Ires). The characters were featured on the cover of Men's and Women's Obsessions Obsessions, and is believed to have superior ability, special effort, great courage.
Obsession 2016 Awards are divided into two major groups (Individual and Enterprises), which is divided into 7 categories and seven sub-categories. Namely, Regional Leaders (Governors, Mayors, Regents), State Institution Leaders, Ministers, CEO's (SOC's and Private Sectors), 12 Years of Achievements (SOC's and Private Sectors), Local Giants, Rising Stars. One boon conferred Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 to Mr. John Setiatmadja, President Director of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk.
In awarding 2016, winner of the category Best Individual Achievers Regional Leaders, Mayor Tri Rismaharini (Mayor of Surabaya), Rita Widyasari (Regent Kukar), Governor Irianto Lambrie (Governor of North Borneo). State Institution Leaders category was won Muliaman D Hadad, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the FSA. Categories CEO's for State Owned Companies victors five, namely Maryono (Diråektur PT BTN, Hendrisman Rahim (Director of PT BNI Life Insurance), M Iqbal Latanro (President Director of PT TASPEN), M Choliq (President Director of PT Waskita Karya), Adityawarman ( President Director of PT Jasa Marga). Category Private Sectors, Tony Wenas (President Director of PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper, and Glen Glenardi, President Director of PT Bank Bukopin.
Politicians category, won Enggartiasto Lukita (winning elections DPP Chairman of the National Democratic Party). For Best Enterprises Achievers, category 12 Years of Achievements, State Owned Companies winner, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, PT Bank Negara Indonesia. Average private sectors are PT Bank Central Asia. Choice accepted by Category Local Giants PT Sri Rejeki Isman (Sritex). Medium category Rising Stars PT Net Mediatama Indonesia.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 11:01

The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) provide great appreciation and respect to state-owned companies that have successfully held a series of 70 Years Indonesia Merdeka, SOE Present for the State in 34 province all over Indonesia. The three main agenda in the event SOE Present to the State is 17 Siswa Mengenal Nusantara program , the Clean Water procurement program in 8 points that need , as well as Bedah Rumah program for 45 Veteran. These three principal programs shall be implemented by the state at 34 in each province which they are responsible respectively. PT Waskita Karya ( Persero ) Tbk together Airnav and PTPN VII responsible for implementing this program in the province of Lampung . "Seeing the success of this program as well as the hopes of the community will be the participation of state-owned, insaallah activities will be organized regularly every year by the Ministry of SOEs , " said Minister of State, Rini Soemarno , in the event Anugerah SOE Present to the State , in Bandung , Friday ( 19 / 2.16 ).

In addition to giving awards to state-owned enterprises to participate in SOE Present State , in this inaugural event SOE Ministry specifically invited the veteran receiver  Bedah Rumah Program and Siswa Mengenal Nusantara  to deliver his testimony in front of the invitation . Testimony was held live via video conference between the Minister of SOEs at the Grand Hotel Panghegar , Bandung , veterans and students who are in Papua and Banda Aceh .
The testimony of veterans who got Surgery program at the same house is really touching and eye opening us all just how big the expectations for this would be the nation's attention to the welfare and survival of them. The veteran did not hesitate to tell , and this is very touching, that the homes they occupy decades turned out to be uninhabitable and should be remodeled . "The state of my home and family in fact it is, every time it rains the roof leaked and the floor is flooded," said one veteran Bandung , West Java .
In addition there are also emotional testimonies Siswa Mengenal Nusantara that makes laughter. Many of those who innocently scared on an airplane or students who are fascinated by the gleam of gold at the top of Monas to want to take a little to take home to his hometown
PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk together Airnav and PTPN VII also has successfully held a ceremony to present SOE State in Lampung Province. Various activities will be carried out Walks Relaxing, Flag Ceremony August 17th, Thrift, Screening Screen Plug, Dance Competitions, Siswa Mengenal Nusantara, Making Well Pumps at 8 points, and Bedah Rumah for 45 veterans.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016 10:56

The Board of Commissioners of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk and its organ Risk Committee on a working visit to the Project Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Palembang, South Sumatera, on 17 to 18 February 2016. The visit begins with listening to a presentation delivered by the Head of Zone 3 LRT Project , Ir. Paulus Budi Kartiko. In his presentation, Paulus explained the various methods and equipment that can be used in the removal and installation of the girder in this project. Explained, that the equipment used on erection girders consist of one (1) unit crawler crane capacity of 150 tons, launching gantry capacity of 70 tons, gantry, 1 (one) unit mobile crane capacity of 50 tons (crane service), boogie, as well as the trailer. While the tools used consisted of a steel plate, rigging tools, and spreader bars. Human Resources (HR) is required consisting of 1 (one) site coordinator, 1 (one) vote rigging supervisor, 1 (one) of the project admin, two (2) members foremen, 17 people rigger and helpers for a launcher, 8 (eight) helper for cranes, as well as two (2) operators.

The method of erection, presented among others erection method by launcher, erection method by crane and erection method by gantry system.
Present during the visit the Commissioner to LRT Project is Head of Division II, Ir. Tukijo, M.M., Head of Controlling Division II Ir. Masudi Jauhari, Head of Zone 2 LRT Project Ir. Okta Mulya Taher, Project Head Zone 3 Ir. Paulus Budi Kartiko, Project Head Zone 4 Ir. Asmo Budi M., and the Project Head Zone 5 Erwin Matoras S.T.
Commissioner of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk, M. Hasan, expressed some notes on the project. First, the LRT project Palembang is the government's priority projects with an investment value is very large and public attention, particularly in South Sumatra. Therefore, according to the commute, Waskita as the contractor must work earnestly with attention to product quality and implemented according to a predetermined schedule. Second, select and use construction methods that effectively and efficiently to complete this project with high quality. "We suggest also that Waskita put the best Quality Assurance personnel for this project," said commute. Third , for the purposes of presentation to stakeholders that the project team create a video animation is good and interesting so that what is being implemented in the LRT Waskita easily understood by the audience.

Monday, 18 January 2016 14:46

Three participants out as winners Fishing Mania 55th Anniversary PT Waskita Karya ( Persero ) Tbk in Fishing pool Puspita , East Jakarta , Saturday ( 16/01/2016 ) . Those who became champions of fishing in this year's race is Sodik Wicaksono ( Champion / Fish Toughest ) with a prize of Rp 1.500.000 , - , Second Heaviest Fish is Riduan with prize of Rp 1.000.000 , - and Champion III Fish Toughest Eric Suseno with prize of Rp 750.000 , -

Fishing competition was attended by about 130 participants from the Central Office , Division , Subsidiary , Cooperative , and others. Present and hand over prizes to the winners is Corporate Secretary , Hadi Susilo .

Fishing Mania Waskita is one of the activities held in commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of PT Waskita Karya ( Persero ) Tbk , whose implementation is supported by PT Sarana Daya Mitra ( PT DMS ) .

Monday, 11 January 2016 16:34

Still in the series to the 55th anniversary of the company, PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk held a social services cleft lip surgery for society in Pekalongan and surrounding region. Sunday (01.10.16), at the Surgical Hospital Aro, Pekalongan, a total of 9 (nine) children undergoing cleft lip surgery. Operation which started at 08.00 am this end About a 15:00 pm and running successfully.

Head of Secretariat and Public Relations of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk, F. Heru Wibowo, SE, revealed, in addition to cleft lip surgery in Pekalongan, Mass Circumcision in Jakarta and Mataram, and Cataract Surgery in Kupang, NTT, Waskita will also Social Service Cataract surgery in Palembang and Jakarta, as well as Blood Donors in Jakarta and Pekanbaru.

RS Management Aro Pekalongan welcomes cooperation with PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk and look forward to future partnerships of this kind can be braided better.

9 Cause Cleft Lip in Infants During Pregnancy

Have you ever seen children born with a cleft lip? Cleft lip is a condition specific defect that causes imperfections in the structure of the lips or the palate. Network formation of the lips and palate occur early in pregnancy. Some people are born with the condition of oral tissues and ceilings are not perfect and does not blend well.

The condition causes the lip cleft lip being split into two, jaw and mouth are not formed on the growth of dental problems. This makes cleft lip patients may experience impaired speech although they could speak in general and do not have a hearing loss.

If we see that not all conditions of cleft lip occurs in the same form. There are only a cleft lip occurs on the lips, but there is a cleft lip that can reach the palate.

Diagnosis of Cleft Lip and Palate

Cleft lip can actually known since the baby still in the womb. Ultrasound scan can detect the shape of the lips is less than perfect. Even this checking process can also determine the type of cleft lip happens. Although the detection and diagnosis can be carried in the womb, but the treatment of cleft lip can not be done if the baby still in the womb.

Cleft Lip Care

Cleft lip can cause impaired children to speak, can not eat well or diseases that cause digestive disorders and infections of the ear problem. Even some babies may also suffer from diseases of the teeth and jaw due to dentition that is not perfect.

To overcome this risk, the cleft lip can be treated or cared for since a kid. The following stages of the process of care for cleft lip.

a. Surgery to repair a cleft lip structure can be done since infants aged 1 to 12 months. The goal of treatment is to enhance the lip tissue and possible reconstruction of the jaw and palate.

b. Full mouth reconstruction process in case of a severe cleft lip can be done after the baby aged less than 18 months.

c. The goal of treatment to repair the lips and mouth structure is to improve the appearance of the face. Support to the communication process and prevent problems dentition when the kids are teenagers or adults.

How To Prevent Cleft Lip

Cleft lip can be caused by two main factors, namely genetic and environmental factors. However, pregnant women can take measures to avoid the condition of cleft palate in fetuses. Here are some things you can do to prevent cleft lip since the fetus is still in the womb:

1. Consumption Folate Rich Foods

The consumption of different types of foods that contain folate prior to pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Folic acid deficiency can be associated with problems imperfections tissue formation during the first trimester. Babies need folate to form tissues, tissues in the face and brain. You can consume a variety of foods that contain high folate such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli, red beets, sweet corn, lettuce, kale, bananas, tomatoes, peach, salmon, sardines, lean meat, 2. Do not Consume drug- medicines.

Avoid consumption of free drugs are not recommended during pregnancy doctor. Pregnant women who get into the first trimester typically will experience severe nausea and vomiting as well as usual. To overcome these problems then you should consume foods containing vitamin B, and avoid medications as much as possible. If you must take medication, talk with your obstetrician.

3. Do lifestyle during pregnancy

Consumption of a variety of daily food menu containing nutrients to the fetus and the expectant mother. Protect fetus of cleft lip by choosing healthy foods and avoid all kinds of raw foods, foods containing preservatives of all kinds of chemicals and additives for the food.

4. Avoid alcohol consumption

The dangers of alcohol consumed can occur either before pregnancy or after pregnancy. Alcohol can cause cleft lip because the fetus receives nutrients and chemicals directly from the mother.

5. Avoid smoking habits during pregnancy

The dangers of smoking may increase the potential for cleft lip due to exposure to chemicals that interfere with the process of the formation of fetal tissue.

To protect the baby from being exposed to a cleft lip, then pregnant women can do these efforts. Although cleft lip can be treated surgically, but prevention can be a very good trick. You can prevent all health conditions or problems in infants since the process of pregnancy.


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